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SPJ Services

SPJ Embedded Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a privately held company focused on embedded system technology services. We provide services in Product Design and development. We cover the complete lifecycle from project definition, initial design and development through deployment. A wide range of embedded projects are been carried out for the industrial verticals such as Industrial Automation, Defense, Telecom, Automotive, Medical and Consumer

The services are offered for hardware as well as software. That is from schematic entry to PCB layout design and prototyping. Software services include understanding and documenting user requirement to actual Software design, implementation, testing and delivery. The cost optimization for volume production and quality assurance is the key service provided by the SPJ Embedded technology Pvt. Ltd.

The company is an expertise company in following domain:

  • PCB design: up to 16 layers, with through hole, SMD, BGA and mixed components.
  • EDA tool: EAGLE.
  • Programmable Devices: FPGA, CPLD from Xilinx, Actel, Altera, Lattice
  • HDL: Verilog and VHDL.
  • Microcontrollers: 8/16/32 bit– 8051, AVR, PIC, ARM7, CortexM3, ARM9…from various manufacturers: NXP, Atmel, Cirrus Logic and Freescale.
  • DSP processors: Analog Devices, TI
  • Firmware: C, C++, Assembler.
  • PC Software: MS VC++ / .NET / Java.
  • Linux user space applications: QT, KDE.
  • Linux kernel space: device driver development.
  • Embedded Linux: Porting, making complete BSP.
  • Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, mCOS.
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The following are the projects undertaken:


Control system for Multi-axis Sewing Machine with HMI interface


The HMI design and development for Control system for Multi-axis Sewing Machine with HMI interface includes the design and development of 6-axis stepper motor control system with 60 Inputs/Outputs sequential controller. It has a HMI with touch screen, for display and selection of sewing patterns.


Control System (SCADA) for Fuel Filling Station


The SCADA is about filling fuel in tankers automatically and precisely. It included system communication facility enabling and monitoring the fuel filling station through a computer.

Attendance recording and Access control System using optical / magnetic / barcode


Recording presence of a person – viz. swipe cards (optical, magnetic, barcode), biometric sensors (fingerprint), RF cards etc. The micro-controller based product included standard recording features and additional features like access control.

Brake Testing System


It is an automobile end of line test equipment and used for Brake Testing and to calculate brake efficiency.

Fire Alarm Monitoring System with graphical layout on PC


GUI software designed to communicate with client’s Fire Alarm Monitoring System. The software allows users to draw map of the premises where the system is installed. Upon detection of Fire, the software provides audio-visual indication of this condition and also displays shortest-path from Fire station to the affected area. It includes several other features like maintaining a log of events.

Automatic Identification System (AIS)


It is marine communication equipment. It uses GPS and sensors for identifying own position and inform it to other ships over radio communication link. The radio link uses Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) principle. The product was designed to meet standards of IEC, ISO, and NMEA.

Molten Metal Temperature Measurement Instrument


It is a hand-held battery-operated instrument with auto-shut-off feature. The digital electronics was re-designed to replace old design which had obsolete components. Consequently firmware was also completely re-engineered and new features were added to it.

Ecomate – Hand held interface for drives


It is a hand-held HMI designed to interface with an A.C. Servo drive (Indramat). It was designed and Developedd to work in shop floor environment. It was been provided a display and keyboard for user interface, through which user can monitor and change various parameters of the drive.

Firmware for Electronic Gauge


Firmware of their existing gauge was completely re-engineered and a new RS485 communication protocol was implemented for communication

Industrial grade HMI with digital and analog I/O interface and graphics LCD interface


The project displayed various parameters of the process on the Graphics LCD in different fonts. Calculations on the input data were done and the processed data was shown on the LCD. The graphical display unit was configurable and as per requirement.

MCGAM700 (Multi Channel Area Gamma Monitor)


Multi Channel Area Gamma is a 4 channel Area Gamma monitor designed for measuring the ambient gamma radiation levels in various areas in a radio chemical plant. It displays radiation level and generates audio / visual alarms when radiation levels exceeds set limit in any of the detector channels.

HFM (Hand and foot monitoring system)

HFM unit is a single board computer controlled unit with touch screen interface. It is Developedd for measuring the counts of alpha, beta and gamma rays in human body, indicating count rate i.e. normal or high.

We offer services in the areas of:

Hardware design and development:

Software design and development: