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SBC 9302

SBC 9302

SBC9302, an economical and indigenous replacement for expensive "embedded computer boards"can directly connected to PC/104 interface, almost any kind of PC/104 compatible I/O card. This combination gives us a lot of processing power + I/O - hence it is perfect solution for Industrial Automation.

The board also provides lot of non-volatile storage options: you may connect a pen-drive to USB host interface. USB pen-drives are readily and cheaply available with ever growing capacities. Alternatively, you may connect very cheap SD memory card directly to the on-board SD-card interface.

The USB host interface can be also used for connecting keyboard and mouse. LCD can be as well connected with a small add-on module. With this, GUI based applications can be easily Developedd. Since the board supports Linux, you may use a development tool like QT to write GUI applications. Thus the board is suitable for GUI applications - for example Medical Instrumentation, Human Machine Interfaces and so on.

  • SBC9302 Specifications:
  • 2.1 Hardware:
    • ARM9 processor (EP9302) @ upto 200 MHz
    • On-board 8 MB Flash, 32 MB SDRAM
    • Optionally, upto 16 MB Flash and upto 64 MB SDRAM
    • 2 UARTs with option for RS232 / RS422 / RS485 / TTL (3.3V level)
    • RJ45 Ethernet LAN interface
    • 2 USB Host interface ports
    • 1 USB device interface port
    • PC/104 connector
    • 5 channel 12 bit ADC
    • Upto 23 GPIO (3.3 Volts TTL)
    • RTC with battery-backup
    • SD-Card interface
    • Standard 20 pin JTAG interface
    • Wall type power supply included.
    • One serial cable and one USB cable included.
  • 2.2 Software:
    • Runs embedded Linux.
    • Users may write stand-alone or Linux based applications to run on this board.
    • CD contains sample programs.
  • Deliverables:
    • SBC9302 board with specs as above.
    • Power adaptor.
    • One serial cable.
    • CD with Linux based sample programs.
    • User's manual: (Revision 1.2, updated on 25 March 2008, approximately 3.2MB) Provides detail information about how to write applications for this board, how to program the board and run your application..

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