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SBC 1926

SBC 1926

SBC 1926 a perfect solution for industrial control and automation, provides lot of non-volatile storage options: you may connect a pen-drive to USB host interface. The USB host interface can be also used for connecting keyboard and mouse. The board runs Linux, so you may develop Linux based applications to access the on-board I/O as well as other high end peripherals like USB and Ethernet.

Specifications of SBC1926 board:

  • Hardware:
    • ARM9 processor (AT91SAM9260) @ upto 198 MHz.
    • Memory:
      • SDRAM: Standard 32 MB 100 MHz SDRAM (optionally, upto 64 MB).
      • NAND Flash: 256 MB.
      • Serial flash: 2 MB SPI Data Flash.
    • UARTs: 1 RS232 (for debug and downloading), 2 RS422.
    • RJ45 10/100 Mbps Ethernet LAN interface.
    • Unique MAC ID is assigned to each board.
    • 1 full speed USB Host interface.
    • 1 full speed USB device interface.
    • I2C interface (with optional on-board 64KB I2C EEPROM).
    • SPI interface signals brought out on a separate 6 pin connector.
    • RTC with battery backup.
    • FPGA: on-board Spartan-III FPGA with 400K gates; memory mapped interfaced to main processor with 16 address and 16 data lines.
    • Separate JTAG connector for FPGA configuration.
    • I/O: Total 18 inputs and 22 outputs.
      • 16 optically isolated digital inputs; all inputs can generate interrupt. Inputs can be configured as PNP or NPN in groups; can sink or source upto 15 mA. All inputs are protected by resettable fuse.
      • 2 high speed (upto 200 KHz) optically isolated digital inputs; can be connected to FPGA or to host processor. All inputs are protected by resettable fuse.
      • 18 optically isolated digital outputs. Outputs can source upto 1A at 24VDC.
      • 4 high speed (upto 200 KHz) optically isolated outputs; 2 of these are driven by host processor and can generate PWM output, remaining 2 are driven by FPGA. Outputs can source upto 500 mA at 24VDC.
      • Possibility of I/O expansion through 50 pin connector; 43 FPGA I/O pins brought out here.
    • Power: accepts 18-36VDC supply. All other needed voltages generated with on-board isolated DC-DC converter.
    • Supply current: draws < 200 mA at 24VDC.
    • Dimensions: 170 mm X 160 mm; maximum component height is 30 mm.
  • Software:
    • Runs embedded Linux.
    • Users may write stand-alone or Linux based applications to run on this board.
    • CD contains sample programs.
    • Enough memory to run other OSs like WinCE.
    • BSP for Linux included.
  • Deliverables:
    • SBC1926 board with specs as above.
    • CD with Linux based sample programs.
    • User's manual.

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