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Altio-S1, is industrial grade controller and data logger card, specially includes controlling a process, data logging, data storage, communicating with other devices and industrial grade temperature working. The details of the ALTIO S1 are as given below:

  • Digital Input: 4/8 Optically Isolated Digital Inputs. Accepts 12V / 24V DC.
  • Digital Output: 4/8 Optically Isolated Digital Outputs. These are 12V/24V DC outputs. Can source up to 500 mA.
  • Analog Input: 2/4/8 Analog input channels. ADC with 16 bit resolution. Accepts 0-10 / 0-5V/4-20 mA (Factory settable)
  • Analog Output: 4 Analog outputs with 12 bit resolution
  • Relay outputs: 2 Relay outputs to drive buzzer/hooter etc.
  • LCD: 128x64 Monochrome Graphics LCD.
  • Keypad: Provision for 4x4 Matrix keyboard
  • Real Time Clock (RTC) with battery back up
  • Data Storage: 2MB of flash provided for on board data storage.
  • Communication :
    • One Isolated RS485 with max speed of 115.2 KBaud
    • Two RS232 with max speed of 115.2 KBaud
    • CAN (Optional)
  • On board Temperature sensor.
  • ARM Cortex M3 Processor, running up to 100 MHz, 512 KB Flash, 32 KB SRAM
  • Library routines provided for reading digital inputs, generating digital outputs, reading analog inputs, generating analog outputs, initializing graphics LCD, writing text on graphics LCD, plotting pixel on graphics LCD, etc.

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