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SM702x series Modules from SPJ Embedded Technologies offer a quick way to use AduC70xx microcontrollers for any application. These modules support 4 microcontrollers from the ADuC702x family, yet all 4 modules come in same size and shape and very similar connector pinout.

  • Specifications:
    • Supported microcontrollers: ADuC7024, ADuC7025, ADuC7026 and ADuC7027.
    • All these microcontrollers are ARM7TDMI architecture.
    • On-chip 62KB ISP flash, 8KB SRAM. This is enough for many applications like Instrumentation or PID loop controllers etc.
    • Supply voltage required: 5VDC (minimum 4.75V, maximum 5.25V). The microcontroller chip itself operates on 3.3V, but the module includes a small voltage regulator that produces 3.3V from 5V.
    • Power consumption during normal operation: 35 mA @ 5VDC (speed = 5.22 MHz); 65 mA @ 5VDC (speed = 41.78 MHz).
    • Module includes crystal for main clock. Default operating speed is 5.22MHz; can be boosted to 41.78MHz using on-chip PLL.
    • Alternatively, external clock up to 44MHz can be supplied to module.
    • Module includes power-on reset circuit as well as push-button for manual reset.
    • All port pins (up to 40 GPIO) and JTAG pins available on connector.
    • All digital I/O pins are 5V tolerant.
    • RS232 (3 wire) on separate connector, useful for In-System-Programming or any other purpose. Separate push-button included for selecting ISP Program mode.
    • Other interfaces: Two I2C configurable as Master or Slave; SPI master or slave, up to 3.48 MHz.
    • Module includes I2C compatible 64KB EEPROM (AT24C512) for non-volatile data storage.
    • Also includes I2C compatible RTC (DS1338). Battery for RTC maybe connected externally. Module connector has pins for connecting external battery (3VDC only).
    • Analog Inputs: up to 16 ADC channels, 12 bit resolution, 1 Mega-samples per second. Default internal VREF is 2.5V; external VREF from 0.625 to 3.3V can be applied.
    • On-chip temperature sensor (±3°C).
    • On-chip voltage comparator.
    • Analog outputs: up to 4 DAC channels, 12 bit resolution.
    • Miscellaneous features: 4 timers, wakeup and watchdog timer, power supply monitor, 3 phase 16 bit PWM generator, Programmable Logic Array (PLA).
    • Compact footprint, 35 mm X 45 mm. Module has 2 through-hole connectors (2 mm pitch male pins), each with 38 pins (2 rows of 19 pins).
    • Operating Temperature Range: -20°C to +70°C.

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