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SM MSP430 1 V1.1

SM MSP430 1 V1.1

Hardware specifications:

  • Supported micro controllers:
    • MSP430F167 MSP430F1610 MSP430F155
      MSP430F168 MSP430F1611 MSP430F156
      MSP430F169 MSP430F1612 MSP430F157
  • Power supply required: 5VDC (minimum 4.75V, maximum 5.25V). The micro controller chip itself operates on 2.7V to 3.6V, but the module includes a small voltage regulator that produces 3.3V from 5V.
  • On chip Flash memory : 60 Kbytes
  • On chip Flash EEPROM : 256 Bytes
  • On chip Flash SRAM: 5 Kbytes
  • I/Os All up to 48 with JTAG pins brought on connector
  • On chip ADC: 12-bit A/D Converter, up to 8 channels with Internal Reference, Sample-and-Hold, and Auto-scan Feature. Default internal VREF is 2.5V; external VREF from 1.4V to 3.6V can be applied.
  • On chip DAC: Dual 12-Bit Digital-to-Analog (D/A) Converters With Synchronization.
  • Crystal:
    • 32.768 kHz crystal on Module.
    • Provision for 8MHz crystal also provided on Module.
  • External Power-On Reset circuits as well as reset switch for manual reset.
  • Up to 2 UARTS. RS232 (3 wire) on separate connectors.
  • I2C interface with EEPROM AT24C512. Module includes I2C compatible 64KB EEPROM (AT24C512) for non-volatile data storage.
  • JTAG connector for programming.
  • Industrial Operating Temperature Range -20°C to +70°C.
  • The architecture, combined with five low power modes is optimized to achieve extended battery life in portable measurement applications.
  • Special Microcontroller Features:
    • On-chip voltage comparator.
    • Supply Voltage Supervisor/Monitor With Programmable Level Detection.
    • Brownout Detector.
    • Three-Channel Internal DMA.
    • 16-Bit Timer A With Three Capture/Compare Registers , 16-Bit Timer B With Three or Seven Capture/Compare-With-Shadow Registers
  • Peripheral Highlights:
    • Three types of interrupts
    • 16bit TIMER A with three Capture/Compare registers:
    • 16bit TIMER B with three OR seven Capture/Compare with shadow registers:
    • PWM output
    • Two USART module:
    • The digitally controlled oscillator (DCO) allows wake-up from low-power modes to active mode in less than 6µs.
    • Brownout detector.
    • Bootstrap loader.

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