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NXP LPC4357 Evaluation Board

NXP LPC4357 Evaluation Board

The board is built around the NXP LPC4357 which delivers a versatile dual-core configuration using an ARM Cortex-M4 MCU with an ARM Cortex-M0 as a co-processor. This is the first ARM Cortex board at this price point to deliver dual-core performance and media interface features including 1MB of dual-bank Flash, high speed USB host and device, an LCD interface, SD card and more.

This development board includes peripherals well-suited for development of multi-media, audio, medical, industrial control and motor control applications and provides ideal rapid prototyping opportunities for hobbyists and game console designers.

  • Hardware Specifications:
    • The connectors on the LPC4357 evaluation board provide easy access to many of the LPC4357's on-chip peripherals.
    • LPC4357,256 pin BGA
      • Up to 204 MHz Operation
      • 32-bit ARM Cortex-M4/M0
      • Up to 1MB flash
      • 136 KB flash
    • External Flash
      • Spansion 256 MB QSPI flash
      • 32 MB external SDRAM
    • Two USB Interface
      • Two USB ports, one HS (High speed USB host) port and one FS (Full Speed device) port
    • LCD interface for a QVGA LCD
      • 4.3 inch LCD module is sold as standard configuration,480*272 TFT , color LCD display.
    • Audio Interface
      • Audio Codec and audio jacks (Headphone interface and MIC interface).
    • JTAG Interface
      • 20-pin Cortex debug interface
    • Micro SD Card Connector
      • A Micro SD Card connector for developing applications requiring access to Micro SD Cards.
    • Switch
      • Input switches, Joy stick, LCD
      • ISP switch/reset switch
      • Boot select switch
      • USB host power switch
    • Accelerometer
      • 3 axis accelerometer from Analog Devices
    • Advanced configurable peripherals conclusion:
      • State Configurable Timer(SCT)
      • Serial General Purpose I/O(SGPIO) interface
      • Two High-speed USB controllers
      • Ethernet, LCD, an external memory controller
      • Multiple digital and analog peripherals

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