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MBC-SAM9X25 Core Board

MBC-SAM9X25 Core Board

The ATMEL MBC-SAM9X25 ARM9 Board is an ARM embedded board produced by Embest, integrating the ATMEL ARM926EJ-S-based processor AT91SAM9X25, operating at 400MHz frequency, and can support WinCE and Linux. The board has 128MB DDR2 SDRAM, 256MB NandFlash, 4MB DataFlash, 64KB Serial EEPROM, 128B one-wire EEPROM.

  • Hardware Features
    • ARM926EJ-S™ ARM® Thumb® Processor running at up to 400 MHz @ 1.0V +/- 10%
    • 16 Kbyte Data Cache, 16 Kbyte Instruction Cache, Memory Management Unit
    • One 64 KByte internal ROM embedding bootstrap routine: Boot on NandFlash, SDCard, Dataflash or serial dataflash
    • Programmable order
    • One 32 KByte internal SRAM, single-cycle access at system speed
    • External 128MB DDR2 SDRAM, 256MB NandFlash, 4MB DataFlash, 64KB Serial EEPROM,128B one-wire EEPROM
    • 10/100Mbps Ethernet MAC controller(only for MBC-SAM9X25-P)

Software Features(updating)

Test routines and resources based on MDK

Project Description
audio Audio test
nandflash Get familiar with the Nandflash operation
fatfs Get familiar with the basic operation of file system
filesystem Base on FAT file system and Embedded file system
lib implementation
datafalsh Use SPI interface to access dataflash code efficiency.
twi-eeprom Applying the twi host to access the eeprom chip
rtt The application of the real-time/timer
rtc The application of the real-time clock
twi The application of twi with the Master and slave
emac the application of the Ethernet
emac_uip_helloworld The implementation of web-server and the telnet the device
emac_uip_telnetd The application of remote access
emac_uip_webserver The application of the web server
sdmmc The application of sdcard interface
sdcard The application of sdcard
fatfs_sdcard The application of file system and the sdcard
usb_device_core The application of USB UDPinterface
usb_device_hid_transfer The application of USB Human Interface Device class
usb_device_cdc_serial The application of USB Communication Device class
usb_device_hid_keyboard Base on the USB HIDdriver, the button test
buzzer The application of the buzzer
tsensor The application of the temperature sensor
lcd The application of the lcd
touchscreen The application of the touchscreen
Button Use the interruption to test the button